Sunday, July 27, 2008

ModernGear Recipes

My husband and I are known as quite the entertainers in our circles of family and friends, and there's no doubt - we like to show people a good time. One of the things we take great pride in and have great passion for, is cooking. Of course, that also means "eating"...which has shown itself in various body parts...but I like to think we're happy, as well as healthy.

Guests usually leave with full bellies, and a requested recipe or two...and so I've decided that while the blog usually sits empty and un-updated on the weekends, that this would be the perfect time to share recipes.

It might be a fabulous dessert, a yummy appy, or even just a new snack that I've discovered, but I'll add one or more every weekend, and you can come back and click on the recipes category to see the archives. Also - if you'd like to have the recipes delivered to your inbox - sign up for the ModernGearTV newsletter, by clicking on the link on the right-hand side.

So to kick off the inaugural recipes post, I'm going to pose the question, "Tabbouleh, or not tabbouleh?"...I think you'll absolutely shout, "TABBOULEH!" after trying this delicious dish. Recipe to follow.

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