Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ModernGear Home: This product really sucks

Let's face it, most people don't like doing housework. When it's nice outside, who wouldn't rather be in the great outdoors? And when it's yucky outside, who wouldn't rather be laying on the couch, snuggled up with a good book and a cup of tea? There's just not a heck of a lot of motivation to be found in a vacuum cleaner that seems to weigh 200lbs when you're lugging it around and tripping over the cord.

Well I'm going to submit for your consideration, a radical thought: the problem inherent in vacuuming isn't with the task, rather, it's with the tool. My theory is that it would be so much more enjoyable with one of these gorgeous vacuums (two words you never thought you'd see together), designed by my favourite designer Karim Rashid (you'll remember him from our earlier Grobal self-watering plant pot post), available from Dirt Devil.

Small jobs need small tools, and I love these handheld, cordless vacuums, the Kone, and Kurv.

The Kone, $44.99, features a bagless dirt cup for easy emptying, and weighs just under 2lbs for lightweight cleaning. All that and it looks awesome on display, too. Available in 6 colours: white illuminated, champagne, charcoal, blue steel, light pink and plum.
The Kurv, $55, weighs in at light 2lbs, but is a heavyweight in the style department. Available in four colours: Harbour Sky, Choco-Latte, Spice and Champagne.
Rashid has also designed a groovy-looking 5lb stick vacuum that specializes in hard surfaces, in the $99.80 Kruz. It swerves, it twists, it pivots, it coasts...and it looks like it could strut down the catwalk.
My only reservation about these amazing-looking vacuums is that while they do suck, they just might not suck enough.

Kone - 7.2 volts
Kurv - 9.6 volts
Kruz - 12 volts
Dustbuster - 14.4 volt motor
Oh, the dilemma! Well, the fact is you very likely wouldn't want the Dustbuster's beached whale design on display. You could always try to see if the better-looking Kone, Kurv or Kruz would fit your vacuuming needs. It would make so much of a design impact in a modern home, and any of the three would be a wicked housewarming or hostess gift. And keep in mind the well-known William Morris quote: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." Sometimes, one out of two ain't bad?

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