Friday, June 27, 2008

ModernGear Beauty: Melt-proof Make-up by Cargo

Oy, is it hot. I mean come on people, I am a Vancouver girl who is used to it still raining this time of year, who relocated to sunny Southern California in January. It's HAWT. I love how sales girls are all, "Oh my GOD Becky, when is summer COMING?" as I stand and leave a small puddle of sweat on their floor. Yeah, I am not exactly acclimated yet.

But there's something that has allowed me to retain a nice summer glow, and leave the effects of perspiration beginning at least below my chin. I'm talking about Cargo's Melt-proof™ Make-up Collection.

To show you the effects, I used the line's Melt-proof™ Bronzer, and 3 in 1 Eye-Cheek-Lip Palette, as well as the Better-than-waterproof™ Mascara, before a hot day full of running around and errands, and captured a before-and-after photo of myself to show.

Time: 11:00 am
Current temp: 79F
warning: highs into the 100s
Time: 12:40pm
Current temp: 90F
Just got back from taking the pup to the vet by myself, no hubby to help manage treats, leash, car, shots. Pup peed on vet...Tamara humiliated. Makeup, however, looking fresh.

Time: 4:00pm
Current temp: 100F (the F stands for 100 FRICKEN degrees, are you out of your mind?!)
Put pup in crate with a dish of ice to chew on, went out on errands. Shopped for mop at Target, groceries and might have just stopped for a Pinkberry. I'm just sayin'.

And I honestly SWEAR, these photos were taken at the time and after the activities I indicated. I felt a little silly posing and making notes like a diary entry, but I wanted to show you all how fabulous this collection is. For while I melted my face did not. After such a long, hot, busy day I'd normally have had all my make-up running together or altogether sweat off but I am happy to report that I retained a healthy summer glow throughout, no black rings under my eyes from mascara running, and the bronzer and blush was intact.

The "how" and "why" isn't anything I can explain myself, I am told the mascara features a "mixture of emollients and waxes that create a water resistant barrier, in combination with L-lysine (an amino acid naturally found in the skin), which increases staying power." What is really cool is that when I DO want to take it off, I can just use warm water! Yep, it is indeed, better than waterproof.

The Eye-Lip-Cheek Palette is creamy and easily applied with fingers. I applied it soon after my moisturizer, so it blended really nicely. I actually used one of the colours for my lips, one for my eyes and one for my cheeks, but I've since started using whatever colour wherever - all of them, all over my face! It works well, giving a nice colour and I also like that it doesn't give me any blemishes, which I did worry about.

Cargo is available at your favourite beauty stores like Kiss and Makeup in North Vancouver, as well as Sephora, and at The Melt-proof™ Make-up Collection is available for $39. The Better-than-waterproof™ Mascara is also sold separately for $20.

And also, everywhere I went on that particular day, people from Duane's vet to the girl at Pinkberry complimented me on my tunic. So I in turn extend thanks to Joe.
Joe Fresh
Crinkle Cover-up

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Jordan said...

Hi Tamara! Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, All Things Stone! I LIKE this blog a lot--this is the type of thing I'd like to do. I write a lot about the jewelry industry--mostly visiting mining areas but I've been getting more into the fashion/production side of it lately. I think blogs are a great medium, and while I liked the idea behind PPP, I didn't like finding myself writing about products and services just to make money (by the way, I deleted all my PPP posts yesterday). I'll be sure to keep visiting your blog to see your updates. I might want to ask you some questions at some point about advertising if that's okay. Jordan