Thursday, May 15, 2008

ModernGear Women: Lug around a new travel bag

I first heard about Lug bags in 2005 after this Canadian company had their great Puddlejumper bag featured on the O List in O (Oprah) Magazine.

I interviewed them for an article and was really impressed by how excited and down-to-earth they were at the time. Three years later and an other O List mention (on the NapSack Travel blanket) later...
...they're still the same gregarious, positive, inherently Canadian entrepreneurs.

The Puddlejumper got so much attention because of its well thought out design features:
-ventilated zip pocket in the bottom, on the back - great for wet swimsuit or runners
-interior bottle holder
-detachable mirror
-loads of pockets and storage
It's the perfect bag to pack for a full day - going to work and then to the gym, with all of your supplies plus a snack, water bottle and make-up too.

I love their new styles for Spring 2008:

Tugboat Mini Duffel $72.00
I love that this bag can be used as a handbag or a gym bag, depending on where you're headed when you walk out the door.

I really love the Skipper Shoulder Pouch too, as it's just the right size for all the necessities a girl needs - wallet, cell phone, camera, clip for keys. It's the perfect day-to-day bag to grab when you're running out on errands.
My favourite bag choices are locked in a two-way tie, though.

The Moped Day Pack Bag is pretty awesome - a great across-the-chest model that's easy to wear and offers a ton of great compartments to keep everything neat and organized...

and the Taxi Full Tote. It's perfect for my video shooting days, or to take on a flight. Roomy enough to hold my notepad and pens, magazine, camera, videocamera, makeup bag, and a whole lot more, and the bottom is covered in PVC for easy clean-up on the plane or train. I'm partial to this one in fog gray.

Lug also has a great lunch bag for work or snacks, and a picnic container that will be very handy for the summer months, as well as a very handy baby changing mat.

I'm going to try to interview the owner of the company when as they're going to be in L.A. in July so stay tuned for that!

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Anonymous said...

Your coverage of these bags made me seek out a source for them in Edmonton, AB. I'm happy to say that I found more than one, and I chose a neat little shop on Whyte Ave as the place to make my purchase. I got the "Puddle Jumper" in red and love it. It is my "work" bag and carries all my essentials and more. It also accompanied me on my recent Alaskan cruise. Thanks for doing this research for us!