Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ModernGear Baby: Jolly green baby - Kee-Ka organic clothing SALE!

SALE! COUPON! Read through to bottom of post.

Young or old, naturally happy or curmudgeonly, I dare anyone to resist the cute factor of baby socks.

You can just imagine those little tiny feet kicking with glee, or maybe taking their first tentative steps. And I'm venturing to guess that you'd probably feel just a little bit happier to see those little socks on those little feet, if you knew that they probably made a lot of other people happy in the process...

That's why I love Kee-Ka Organic socks ($4.99) (and the rest of their clothing and accessories too).

I first discovered the line a few years ago when I was doing research on unique packaging, and I found out about their recycled paper Ready To Mail brown boxes - they're the Kee-Ka signature package. How fun would that be to send as a gift to a special little person?
What's inside the great box is pretty cool, too. In addition to those sweet socks, there are organic cotton onesies, t-shirts for baby and toddler, and burp & bib sets with a sweet graphic printed with low-impact dyes.
You'll probably find your nickname of choice for a favourite little person somewhere on the list!
They also have matching organic leggings, ponchos, hooded towels and other great items, all made under fair trade and fair wage conditions.

If you like their goodies and want to order some, it's a great time to order! Kee-Ka is moving into a new warehouse and are hoping they'll have less stock to move if they're able to entice customers with a discount on all stock...until May 26th, customers shopping online at their favorite organic clothing store for babies will receive 10% off their entire purchase!

Click here, or on the small ad below, and shop to your heart's content, then enter "MOVE" at checkout to enjoy this offer. Remember, you have just until May 26th to redeem this coupon.


Anonymous said...

Love it all, I'm in!


Anonymous said...

I'm in. I mean who does not love baby socks? It's like hating puppies or being angry at a singing group of brownies.