Thursday, April 10, 2008

ModernGear Women: Equestrian-inspired footwear

Last summer's "IT" shoes were Yves Saint Laurent's "Tribute" Mary Janes:

At the time (and still) I just couldn't seem to fathom the idea that a designer could take a perfectly beautiful pump and add this:
to suddenly invent the fashion world's most sought-after shoe. These puppies were going for upwards of $1200 on ebay!

They were seen on girls who could afford them in all colours, like Christina Aguilera...

Gwen Stefani...

Minnie Driver...

And Posh...

I wonder how many sprained ankles were directly attributable to these platforms that took women to new heights?

I'm not sure what shoe is looking like the front-runner yet for Shoe of the Year 2008 but I think a contender is a spotted-everywhere, (and easier-to-wear) gladiator sandal, either high or low:

"Lauren" by Ralph Lauren, for $120

"Jobilyn" by Nine West, $80

The gladiator style is a very "important" look (as fashion pundits would breathlessly announce) for Spring/Summer '08...but I am afraid we're not going to get away from the YSL "Tribute"-inspired look either.

Hollywould's Diane Platform

Max Studio
"Riley" Slingback Sandal

And I'm sorry, but they remind me of a classic pump or slingback, standing on a horseshoe (which I am sure is very lucky)...

I suppose we should just be glad that this isn't the way we get them on and off:

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Lucy said...

Very classy looking shoes