Thursday, April 17, 2008

Attention Vancouver! Two things of note...

My friend Lance from The Lounge Hair Studio is looking for make-over models for a spot on Urban Rush!

Here are the details:
Models would need to get the color done between now and Monday afternoon, and then be at the Shaw station from 11-3 on Monday, April 21st.

First come, first served - if you are interested and can make the time commitment, send a current photo of yourself, or call him at 604.351.1419.

Call now! It's not often that you get the opportunity to have your hair done for free by a great colorist...Lance travels around the world teaching people how to do what he does...he works magic, I can tell you that from personal experience.

Also from personal experience, I would like to share a must-attend event - the opening of the Vista D'Oro Farmgate Shop!
I've been out to this great farm shop several times - once buying a tomato plant (that a neighbor killed when he was tasked with taking care of it when we were traipsing across Europe!) and our favourite Rhubarb Vanilla jam, another time taking my parents there to check it out.

They have cooking classes, plants, preserves, and all kinds of yummy gourmet goods. If I was in BC, I'd head there this weekend.

Vista D'Oro Farmgate Shop
20856 4th Avenue
Langley, BC
Ph: 604.514.3539

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Copy that good buddy Tam... I'd go all the way to Langley for Rhubarb Vanilla jam any day! Next time I'm in that direction and not too busy on the beach in Mexico instead, I'll definately check it out.

I'm going to pass on the makeover though. As much as I'd love getting a new look by a kick-ass colorist and then showing it off on Urban Rush... he'd die of the vapors on seeing my poor fried & abused hair and probably even his magic fingers couldn't save it.