Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ModernGear Women: American Vintage label

*** I precede this blog post with an apology for the wonky font changes throughout - it seems to happen when I cut and paste and I can't figure it out! Continue on, and I promise where it's bold and huge, I'm not yelling...it just seems so!

This weekend I came across a great label in a store called Blue Windows in Long Beach, CA. It's American Vintage and I thought, "Great! I can heap praise on a great U.S.-based line and take a break from waxing poetic about all things European..."(because I also saw the most amazing Malene Birger dress that will be coming up this week in a post)...however, I am reporting, ironically, that the line is from France. Figures.

I can't seem to get past the first few pages on the web site to view the Spring/Summer 2008 collection and would really love to, but I did find a web site selling the line, and you can see their collection here. I have no idea what language that is but the city appears to be Hellerup, which is in Denmark.

Here are a few of my favourites from that e-retail web site - don't think it's Spring/Summer 2008, but I think you'll get an idea of why I like it.

Keep in mind, I really have no idea what they're saying, or what currency the prices are in (or really, frankly, what season this is from - hey - it's still on the web site though)...

Løs kjole med overskårende ærmer

Tynd bomuldsskjorte med små læg
Pris 829,-
Super fin skjorte i tynd bomulds kvalitet fra American Vintage. Skjorten er rundhalset og har en enkel knap i udskæringen og fine rynk henover brystet. Den lækre skjorte er tæt siddende øverst henover skuldre, men sidder løst og har vidde fra brystet og ned. Den har 3/4 lange ærmer. Skjorten er fantastisk at bruge både til hverdag eller hvis du skal på cafe´ med små fine shorts eller stramme jeans til.

Langærmet t-shirt/kjole med bælte

Pris 599,-
Ekstra lang T-shirt/kjole med bånd i taljen fra franske American Vintage. T-shirten er med v-udskæring og lange ærmer.En fin T-shirt, der er rigtig god til lag-på-lag looket.

Smalt tørklæde
Pris 229,-
Et helt vidunderligt og underspillet tørklæde, der kan vikles adskillige gange rundt om halsen. Tørklædet har synlige og grove syninger for enderne og kan dresse ethvert outfit op og gøre det super cool.

Langærmet T-shirt
Pris 429,-
Ekstra lang, T-shirt med ekstra lange ærmer i lækkert, blødt og tyndt stof fra American Vintage. Udskæringen er rund, og syningerne er grove og tydelige. En perfekt T-shirt til lag-på-lag looket. En uundværlig basisvare.

I love this line's tissue-soft, lightweight cotton...we've seen it before, particularly in the shape of this lilac tee, out of lines like Splendid and C&C California, and LA Made - three of, I might add, my favourite American lines that you can look forward to reviews of soon!

Oh, and in case you were wondering I did check ebay and all I could find was one listing. Here are the pics:

They just look so comfy, and yet stylish. I would wear these pieces with jeans and a pair of ballet flats, or maybe calf-length leggings and flip flops for the summer.

The piece that caught my eye in Blue Windows was a blouse cotton, a dove grey, whisper light tunic, with buttons on the left of the chest...that's all I can remember about it at the moment but I am headed back there tomorrow to try it on and investigate a little more. I am sure the pictures above are from a Fall/Winter collection, so hopefully I can get on to their web site soon or someone can send me images of the pieces...I am sure they are absolutely lovely...

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Oooohhhhh, I just LOVE Løs kjole med overskårende ærmer's...they're all the rage and all the cool people have them. And that price? A steal.